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  Il y a 56 mois

Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones

Won these Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones from Toluna and wow!! They are awesome. They block out any noise around you and give a smooth, clear, high quality sound. I love how they are wireless and I can bluetooth to my phone to play music as I work without bothering anyone else, and easily receive calls through them and get up and move around without worrying about wires everywhere. I have also used them to play audiobooks for my 7 year old son (especially on the odd occasion when I have to take him to my meetings and don't want him to hear any of the conversation). They look good, are comfortable, very easy to set up and use and they stay charged for ages. I absolutely love these headphones, we are very grateful to have won them as not something we ever would have thought to go out and get, but now finding extremely useful and fun, thank you Toluna.


  Il y a 55 mois
Congrats for the win
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  Il y a 56 mois
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  Il y a 56 mois
congratulation Lmam
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  Il y a 56 mois
Congratulations Lman*
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  Il y a 56 mois
Congratulations on winning those awesome headphones! I hope you enjoy them. Have a good day...*-*Sara*-*
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  Il y a 56 mois
I'd take them to my meetings so I don't have to hear the boss too, seriously nice to see people winning and appreciating
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  Il y a 56 mois
Sounds great darling. Enjoy some smooth tunes. I'm personally listening to Arcade fire at the moment. Wouldn't mind some new headphones myself ;)
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  Il y a 56 mois
congrats :)
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